OrgoSoft will ensure your
Successful Game Service in Korea

With more than 10 years of experience, through our professional QA and Operation Service , we will be a helpful partner for your game service in Korea.

Quality Assurance
We provide professional and organized QA service
with extensive experience in many projects
in the online and mobile game industry.
Service Management
We provide optimal know-how with
organized customer-friendly service based on our
experience in various games genres and platforms.
Provide the optimized quality of translation
by specialized native speakers.

Field of Business

  • Game Quality Assurance
    Zero bug challenge!
  • Software Quality Control
    Tailored Software QA
  • Testing & Fun QA
    Say “No” to General fun QA
  • GM / CS / CM
    Number 1 Customer-friendly operation service
  • Localization
    Provide the optimized quality of translation by specialized native speakers.


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AfreecaTV Gookapps ENP Games J2JLab Woobi Nuri 5 Minute Lab XQ Games Soft BigBang 9M Interactive SpaceApe
Puto Entertainment Nurigo Games Neo Arena SG Golf Nex2Global Cybertron Korea Korean Mobile Game Association Wallace 4399KOREA DDDgames

Functional /
Compatibility QA

  • Functional QA
    - Optimum TestCase is designed with Client - Perform function test based on TestCase - Exceptional items are included in QA results - Checking payment and Store account interlock
  • Compatibility QA
    - Device test
      • Operation check in various devices and
      • Check each UI at various screen size and resolution
      • Check specifications recommend/minimum
    - Network Test
      • Download/loading speed verification in network
      • Check smoothness of traffic in different network
      • Check process of exception in network

Stability / Fun QAmore

  • Stability QA
    - Testing environment established for securing stability - Step reporting about identify client forced
       termination and reoccurrence
    - Identify stability when running background process - Identify stability interconnection between
       tele-communication and wifi environment
  • Fun QA
    - Qualitative assessment
      • FGT or impression about playing
      • Game of verification depends on requested
        company needs
      • Offer data through interview or survey

    - Quantity estimation
      • Making graph and Data to check game balance,
        BM and game accessibility

Localization / SW QAmore

  • Localization QA
    - Localization test
      • Organize improvement for domestic market such
         as game system, UI, party system, community,
         map, etc

    - Culturalization test
      • Organize items that can communicate with
        domestic users(Koreanization of menu,
        Korean guide, game term, voice,
        character lines, etc)
  • Software QA
    - Various application function QA - Console game, VR, screen golf/baseball
       contents function QA
    - Platform QA

Device possessionmore

Device possession

Provide systemic verification environment with possessing various devices in internal and external.


layer close

Development Step QA

  • FGT (General / Expert Focus Group Test)
  • FunctionalityQA (Systems of functions QA)
  • Functionality QA
  • Fun QA (Qualitative/Quantitative Fun QA)
  • Network QA
  • Functionality QA
  • Compatibility QA
  • Stability QA
  • Fun QA (Qualitative/Quantitative Fun QA)
  • FGT (General / Expert FGT)
  • Interlock store QA
  • Functionality QA
  • Compatibility QA
  • Stability QA
  • Payment test
  • Functionality QA (Update function QA)
  • Event QA (Web/mobile interlock QA)
  • Urgent/Regular/Temporary examination QA

Operation – Game Service(GM/CS/CM)

Game Operation (GM)
Community Management
Event Planning/ Progress
Index managing and analyzing
Game guide, FAQ business support
Consulting managing tools
Customer Service (CS)
Monitoring (Server and game)
Web and email customer service
Managing payment and refund
Managing counseling index and VOC
Community Management (CM)
Support establish community
Managing professional manpower community
Community event planning/ progress
Support various social media


Provide the optimized quality of translation
by specialized native speakers.
Enhance the quality of translation by validation from the localized platform perspective cross mobile, console and online.
Provide inspection and correction services of output by native speakers.

Blackbox of mobile app! SmartBeat

  • Crash occurs!
  • Crash information detection
  • Interpretation Crash cause
  • Problem solved!
    Statistical data

Crash auto detection ∙ Interpretation ∙ provision of information tool
Smartbeat supports promptly and accurately detection of various crash information status about mobile app abnormal termination and system failure.

  • ㆍ over 1,000 apps use
  • ㆍ over 100 million MAU
  • ㆍ No.1 crash analytics tool in Japan

SmartBeat Features-Integrationmore

  • Simple Integration
    Integration will be finished after putting SDK in App library and add API.You can set up other options in 20 minutes and it does not require detail settings.
  • Support multi platform
    You can apply to various game apps by supporting IOS/ Android mobile platform and game engine in Unity/Cocos2d-x
  • Light and safe
    Smartbeat volume is less than 1MB, it preserves certain crash informationwhen the app can not communicate with the server and it does not affect the app by transmitting when communication is possible.

SmartBeat Feature-Detectionmore

  • Real-time Detecting
    The data for analyzing will be transmitted to the server when crash occurs.
  • Screen Capture
    You can check the user screen right before the crash occurs and it is easy to reproduce the details of crash
    (Unity SKD only can capture the screen when the exceptional situation occurs.)
  • Email notification
    When crash occurs, you will get notification automatically by email and you can deal with problem quickly.

Features of SmartBeat-Interpretationmore

  • Provide various information
    - Crash occur time/place
    - Stacktrace
    - Output log(NSLog/LogCat)
    - App / OS version
    - Device information
    - Communication and memory status
  • Important data and index
    - Each version of the session and the numbers of users
    - User dropout rate by crash
    - Device and OS with high usage rate
    - Device and OS with high crash rate
  • Quality Scoring
    You can score quality with each version of app by crash incidence.Depending on the quality status crash corresponding priorities and set goals becomes clear.

You can decide after using
All the features for free
for 14 days!

A simple registration, you can try right away.

Smartbeat Setting Manual
iOS Android Unity


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